Major General (Retired)

Indian Army


Sri Lanka, Assam, Jammu and Kashmir (three tenures), Somalia, Congo


Officer In/charge Humanitarian Assistance UNOSOM, Somalia

Contingent Commander (as Brig) of Brigade Size Force (3500 troops), MONUC, Congo


Commanded with élan a Regiment, Brigade and a Division level force.


Led a composite Task Force of 3500 officers and soldiers for overseas deployment in Congo. As Contingent Commander responsible for equipping, reorganising, transportation and local resource distribution in highly volatile and challenging environment of Africa with focus towards social and humanitarian support to local population .

Perspective Planning Directorate focussing on midterm (5-10yrs) and long term (20 Years) force structuring, keeping sync with developing world order.

Deputy Director General of Operational Logistics Directorate - contributing inter alia in logistic planning of entire Army in the event of conflict, policy making with special focus on infrastructure development in the Northern and Eastern India. Planning and coordination with all national agencies to mobilise by road, rail and air, the Indian Army in event of war.




M. Sc (Defence Studies)                

Madras University


Diploma in Senior Level Management       

DAV, Indore.


Language: English, Hindi